Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello Again, Love! ♥

Hello everyone!

I haven't written to you soo long time, I know. But my life was too complicated, I graduated from Collage, then found a job, experienced some job isues...

BUt finally, I am here again :) I really miss you.

During all these months, I've liked pictures, found them, share them in pinterest also besides watched inspiring music videos.

But now, Its' gorgeouspieces lover's turn!

Keep scrolling and have fun!




Firsly, who isn't looking forward to a romantic spring tour!!

and the song set in this cutest video may be our background music :)

we can create a reading-book corner for ourselves!

lets printed all

denim shirts are my uniform! But never uderestimate the charm of beautiful necklace

finally, feel the spring mode :)

Don't Forget Nails :)